Monday, March 31, 2003

Monday, the 31st of March 2003

Dull frustrating morning after a sleepless night, all what I could feel is explosions since the sunrise.
I tried to go back and sleep a bit at midday. The headache was really painful.
Our door bell was unexpectedly ringing!
A Red Crescent car parking outside our door, and a group of young men and women came out of the car.
I remembered them when they entered our guest room.
They came before the war asking for some water purification units for hospitals, and they took some catalogues and price lists at that time…
Now they came to buy some units.
We had some filtration units in our house, under the stairs.
We wrote the contract between us and them, and drank some coffee.
An Italian NGO was with them, Un Ponte Per, as a funding agency for the project.
We discussed the currant events, and criticized Bush and his administration.
I don’t think he cares for our critic.
We are going through this Hell alone.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Sunday, the 30th of March 2003

Extremely strong night attacks…
Our house was shaking all the night, I don’t know what were they boming. In the early morning the glass our master bedroom was broken. Fortunately, no one is sleeping there now.
I felt the pain squeezing my heart, and my face became pale. I went with Azzam to clean and collets the glass fragments… and we put a wood layer instead of the broken glass.
The situation of our bed room is very sad, first it was abandoned, and now with broken windows.

Every night we go to sleep after dinner, and because the whole family is sleeping at the same room now, we spend long time in speaking and laughing in the dark…
At around midnight I hear the siren and start feeling nervous. I hide myself in the bed and everyone laughs and makes jokes on me… I just hate to hear the sound of air fighters, but Azzam keep on teasing me, “ here they came hide hide” he says and laughs.
All what I can do is read some Quraan, and ask god to let the pilot go away without killing us.
I spend the night trying to sleep between explosions! I don’t even think I can really sleep…
I started feeling really afraid to get some kind of disease because of my continuous horror.


At ten in the morning, Abu Saleh the gardener came… to take his salary…
We didn’t see him since before the war started, I like to see him very much, he is a polite old poor man, he has a big family that share the house with his brother’s big family… I think they have more than 15 people living in that house.
We invited him to drink Chai (Iraqi tea) with us in the kitchen.
What’s up? What are you and your big family doing?
He seemed to be sad and depressed.
Very bad news, he said.
Some moments of silence gave us the chance to taste the Chai.
What’s wrong Abu Saleh? What happened?
Abu Saleh and his big extended family lives in a near area, there is a wide street dividing our neighborhoods, but their district is a very poor one, most of its residence work either as solders, or ad farmers and gardeners. It’s call Al-Furat (the Euphrates) district. Everyone was expecting that Al-Furat ould be a target for bombing, it is very near to a presidential palace, to the National Guard center, and to the airport.
“We left our house”, he said. “They attacked the republican guard center yesterday’s night, and all of your houses were affected. I heard about window glasses that fall down because of bombing, but did you imagine seeing broken doors?! Our doors were pulled out of the walls because of yesterday’s attacks!!”
“Women were screaming and crying… they were shaking like leaves of a palm tree… and they were begging me to take them out of this hell. Take us to any other place they said”
“Believe it or not Abu Raed, I went out in the middle of the night… brought a truck and put all the girls and women inside it… all of us… the old and the young…”
Azzam and I were shocked!
“We couldn’t even take anything with us, I just asked the soldiers to take care for our house”
Where did you go? I asked.
“In some skeleton of a house at Radwanyya”
We felt very bad for what happened to the old Abu Saleh.
How can we help you? We were wondering.
He asked us whether we had an extra oil lamp, they were living in darkness.
We gave him one of our two gasoline lamps, and begged him to accept some money too… “Buy some vegetables for your family”, I said.
We walked with him to the man door, and he promised to come back later this week to let us know what happened with them.
I felt really sad; I thanked God we are still in our home.
I wondered… how many other families faced the same circumstance?
Only God knows, and only him can protect us with his mercy.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Saturday, the 29th of March 2003

Loud noise of air fighters from seven in the morning,
Explosions are happening far away, but a couple of them happened very near…
I’m totally terrified, my nerves are tired… any thing scares me and I’m shaking all the time…


It’s ten in the evening now, and we are enjoying a quiet sky.
It was really calm, unless some fast cars driving through our street… and some far away dogs barking.
I spent the evening with Majid, reading some Shakespeare plays.
My heart is really sad, because of the casualties of yesterday bombing at Sho`la.
And I’m feeling afraid of what might happen to us while we are in our houses, I think everyone thinks everyday might be his last one.
They broadcasted news about a suicide bombing at Najaf…
We put a large plan of Iraq in our sitting room, so that we can trace where the Americans reached day by day. And where from are they going to enter Baghdad.
I was wondering… what ware we going to see first?
Tanks? Soldiers? Or helicopters?

Friday, March 28, 2003

Friday, the 28th of April 2003

Continuous close shooting didn’t stop in the morning, I was frightened. Didn’t understand what was happening…
The anti aircrafts guns were targeting something…
And suddenly something happened and it was a mess! People running in the streets and shouting! What’s happening??
“They shot down a small American plane”
Raed and Azzam went out to check what happened, and came back with a small part of the destroyed monitoring plane!
We kept it as a souvenir.


At the evening, a missile attacked Sho`la Market, which is a real dense and poor area…
55 killed and around 50 injured… it is such a tragic painful thing to happen.
Hospitals we full of injured people, their families and the news channels people…
Today is a sad day… worse than the previous ones…
We started feeling insecure as civilians now…
When is all of this going to finish?

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Thursday, the 27th of March 2003

It’s a sunny day, a bit cold though
My stomach-ache is gone after I took the medicine.
Yesterday’s night was so difficult and long, I didn’t care much about the bombing, but my stomach pain was killing me…
Life is going in a very slow motion,
And what is coming is still mysterious.
Is the situation going to settle down again?
I don’t believe so…

Wednesday, the 26th of March 2003

I got up early in the morning, cleaned the floors, washed the bathrooms and washed the pathways in the garden.
The car park, the garden and our cars are in a pathetic condition because of the mud and dust of yesterday, in fact the dust and sand turned out to be mud after the rain of yesterday’s night. Everything is covered with red mud now!
They said tomorrow is the last dust day…
Today is a rainy day, but we still have dust all around…
I have a stomach-ache, and the Baboonej tea didn’t help me much. I feel that my life is really hard with all of this bombing, dust and stomach pain!
When are we going to get our life back? Kids go to their schools, Azzam and me go to our work, speak with customers, sell and buy, visit friends and neighbours,,,
When is life going to start again?

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Tuesday, the 25th of March 2003

The bombing of last night was short, but concentrated. Most of it was far from our part of the city.
“Far away”, Azzam said, “means it’s against the Iraqi army bases”.
I feel very sad for those fighting in the Iraqi army; neither new military equipments nor modern military plans are available for them. There is no sense to compare between the capabilities of the two armies, a destroyed miserable army on one hand, and an extremely high-tech one on the other hand.
I took a long deep after noon nap, and woke up at around six. Bombing stopped at one in the morning because of the bad weather,,,
In the silence and darkness of yesterday’s night, we could hear the noise of the American fighters flying in the sky in Baghdad from time to time, and I wondered: couldn’t this military pilot get himself another job?!
Did he really try to find other alternatives before accepting this evil job?!
I smiles, and hid under the cover… one thousand answers attacked me in my shelter: the same pilot in the point of view of his home citizens is a great hero, and an evil criminal in our point of view!
The dusty weather and strong wind gave us a real quite day! With no explosions!
The dust became very dense in the afternoon, the sky was orange and sometimes red, and I couldn’t breathe because of the concentrated sand in the air.
The funny thing that we couldn’t close our windows; if we closed them a single near explosion would break all the glass!
We spent the night choking! What a happy day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Monday the 24th of March 2003

My face is pale, I cannot sleep neither during the night, nor during the day time.
We can hear the explosions all the day long, they say Americans are bombing the surrounding areas of Baghdad… preparing to enter the city.
Yesterday the Iraqi television put on the pictures and interviews with American prisoners… I don’t like to se these things at all
The situation is getting worse, battles in the south to invade the Iraqi cities, Iraqi resistance and press conferences.
We had an electricity black out for some hours, and its cloudy and clod today. I’m not in the mood to do anything, I feel tired and sleepy… dreaming of the end of this nightmare.
When is it going to happen??
I have extra fee time, that I would wish to have in my ordinary life… but it’s a depressing hateful free time now! Full of sirens and explosions!
I don’t like it at all.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Sunday, the 23rd of March 2003

The bombing of yesterday was far away…
I was anxious waiting for the American fighters to come until ten o’clock, it was very quite and calm then… what a great thing to live without bombing!
At the late night we heard some small explosions…

I spent the morning time cocking, washing dishes and completing the other stupid housewife work… it’s fine though because it lets me work and forget about the war for while…
After lunch I went to visit our neighbors and we enjoyed drinking Chai together.

At the evening, I took another sleeping pill at nine hoping that it would help me sleep…
We had our lunch in the safe room, and I slept at ten thirty.
Then at around one in the morning we woke up on a huge enormous very near explosion, maybe it was the airport…
The ground was moving as if it was an earth quake… like if something was digging deep in the ground…
Huge explosions and earthquakes continued until the morning…
We spent the night trying to take some short naps between one big explosion and another.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Saturday the 22nd of March 2003

Yesterday’s night was a disaster
Explosions were huge, they shook houses and broke windows… missile attacks…
Now… we could see the ugly face of the war
We went through real terrifying moments; I covered my face with my hands and read some verses of Qur’aan
I was frightened to death!
The room was shaking, curtains flew in the air after every missile explodes, and there were just few seconds between one missile and the next…
I took a sleeping pill, and felt so sleepy… when the bombing went a bit far from our area, Azzam went to prepare dinner, but I refused to leave the room.
The whole family sleeps in one room, in the deepest part of our house; far from the street… we called it the safe room.
Most of the other families have their safe rooms too… and they sleep together there.
We had our dinner in the same room, and I slept on the floor even without washing my hands…
I woke up in the time of Athan (announcement) of dawn prayer, and I could still hear explosions coming from far away, and all the mosques praying and repeating Allaho Akbar .. Allaho Akbar (God is the greatest).
My soul felt secure and safe, I finished my Wodooa (washing before praying) and prayed for god.
Then sirens were screaming again announcing a beginning of a new attack, I was very sleepy though, and I went in a deep sleep with the rest of the family.
At the early morning many of our relatives phoned us, Hamdella As Salama .. Hamdella As Salama (appreciation to god for your safety) … it seems that everyone heard in the news that bombing was near hour neighbourhood last night.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

I didnt write anything today..

Friday, March 21, 2003

Thursday the 20th of March, 2003

We heard the sirens, and the first attack started… after the dawn prayer.
I went running to the down floor, everyone was awake. I arranged the breakfast and we enjoyed eating together. We discussed some different topics and laughed.
Our family was lucky because we had a satellite receiver that we hide, we watched some news channels, everyone in the world was watching us.
Bombing was far way, it didn’t seem to be dangerous, maybe it would be more dangerous next days..
News said this is just the beginning, and the next attack will be huge.
The evening bombing lasted for more than one hour, I could clearly hear the sound of missiles falling down, and the anti aircraft guns shooting and shooting…
My stomach hurts and I feel depressed…
How many days are we going to stay like this? Like prisoners... with no life and no work or production…
It’s a silly way to solve problems… these wars…
When is this stupid movie going to finish and the normal life comes again?

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Wednesday the 19th of March 2003

I spent the day doing some housewife work, washing clothes and cleaning the kitchen…
I didn’t go to work today, we evacuated our showrooms and they look sad and empty…
We took everything to the stores, everything…
All the shops are closed, streets are empty, houses are full or their owners and some relatives that came running away form their unsafe places.
Some houses are empty; their owners left Baghdad, or maybe left Iraq.
It’s very quiet and silent outside, but I can feel the silence smiling and telling us “you’ll miss me”
I feel uncomfortable because of this unexpected change in our every day’s schedule; no schools, no work, no going out from the house.
I’m not even sure that my mood will let me be ready to read a book.
I had a dream some days ago, for me standing in a large green garden… in the middle of the garden there was a house, and there was a fence for the garden that had a small broken part… so a yellow long snake came from the broken part… and came around the house, and people ran away from the house. Then some smaller snakes came out from the big one and hid behind the bushes.
On the roof of the house I saw some water tanks leaking, and men trying to fix them and protect us from the falling water…
After that I saw ourselves in a safe house, and a black dog came running, he seemed to be very tired… I felt sad and asked what’s wrong with him? I was told that his sons were taken from him…
My neighbour says that maybe this is a symbol of Saddam and that this would be his end…
I remembered my father, he used to say: who takes the chair (authority) with blood, won’t leave it except with blood.
My heart felt sad and insecure… a snake in the dream means an enemy… and my dream ment that iraq is going to be invaded.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Tuesday, the 18th of March 2003

A forty eight hours awareness was made today by Bush to Saddam, everyone in the city went to work, but the environment is depressed, and the smell of war is all over the place.
Streets are full of sand bags used as fighting positions, and huge halls in the ground of Baghdad full of burning oil to cover the sky of the city and prevent the American fighters to see clear.
People running to collect food and other important things before hiding in their houses, everyone is trying to see his friends and family before going to hide, who can tell, maybe this will be the last time we meet!
Every Iraqi house is full with food rations; rice, sugar and flour… beans and canned vegetables…
Juices and mineral water…
Soap, washing powder and hygiene paper…
Petrol for the cars, diesel for the generators…
And most houses have wells in their backyards too!
The war is coming soon!!!
In my way back home, I bought many other things…
And I went to a small plant house, and brought ten flower plants, with different colors and shapes.
I decided to enjoy life until the last moment!
I want to go in a tour around Baghdad, a good bye tour.
I don’t know, maybe I’ll leave this world
Maybe some parts of Baghdad will disappear…
And I want to see the river, Tigris, before the war begins.
I couldn’t go in my evening tour…
Raed went out to visit his friends and forgot my car’s keys in his pocket///
I felt very bad…
So I just went to visit my neighbours to have some chai, and speak about the war and what everyone is expecting
I came back home feeling alienated and anxious.
But one thing is letting me feel comfortable, that Raed is with us. Alhamdu lellah that the whole family is together, if Raed was in Amman now he would have been feeling worried thinking about us, and the same would have been here too.

Monday, March 17, 2003

الثلاثاء 18/3/003
منذ صباح اليوم بدأ إنذار لمدة 48 ساعة ...وجهه بوش الى صدام .
ذهبت الى العمل...الدنيا كئيبة, رائحة الحرب تسيطر على أجواء المدينة..
يوجد في الشوارع أكياس رمل متكدسة كمواقع للقتال والدفاع...
وقنوات محفورة في أماكن مختلفة من بغداد , تشتعل فيها النيران , ودخان أسود يتصاعد
الى السماء , لتضليل الطائرات المعادية...
الناس يركضون لشراء متطلبات الحياة قبل الإختباء في البيوت .
ويودع بعضهم بعضا...إما وجها لوجه , أو على الهاتف...
من يدري , ربما لن نلتقي ثانية...
كل البيوت امتلأت من الخزين, رز وسكر وطحين...وحبوب للطبخ, ومعلبات لحوم وخضار
وعلب عصائر وقناني مشروبات غازية..وقناني مياه معدنية...
وصابون ومساحيق غسيل ومحارم ورقية ...
وبنزين للسيارات وديزل للمولدة..
ومعظم البيوت حفرت آبارا في حديقة البيت...
رائحة الحرب تقترب!
في طريق عودتي للبيت, اشتريت أغراضا كثيرة...
ثم مررت على مشتل مجاور, واشتريت عشر شتلات ورد, مختلفة الألوان والأشكال..
إنها تعبير مني بالرغبة بالإستمتاع بالحياة حتى آخر لحظة .
أريد أن أخرج في جولة حول بغداد..جولة وداع.
لا أدري ربما سأغيب عن الدنيا..
ربما ستغيب بعض علامات بغداد عن الدنيا..
وأريد أن أرى نهر دجلة, قبل الحرب.
لم أتمكن من الخروج مساء في جولة...
رائد خرج ونسي مفاتيح سيارتي في جيبه...
انزعجت كثيرا...
ذهبت للجيران لشرب الشاي, والحديث عن الحرب والتوقعات..
عدت للبيت , عندي شعور بالوحشة, ونفسي قلقة.
لكني مرتاحة من شيء واحد...رائد معنا..الحمد لله العائلة كاملة, لو بقي رائد في عمان
سيظل قلقا علينا, وسنظل نفكر فيه..
الأربعاء 19/3/003
قضيت النهار في الأعمال المنزلية, غسيل وترتيب البيت والطبخ...
لم أذهب للعمل...المحل فارغ ومنظره يحزنني..
عملنا حالة إخلاء تامة....سحبنا البضاعة للمخازن.
المحلات التجارية كلها مغلقة...الشوارع شبه فارغة, البيوت مليئة ومزدحمة بأهل البيت والأقارب , الذين
يسكنون في مناطق حساسة محتمل قصفها بالطيران...
بعض البيوت خالية...سافر أهلها خارج بغداد , أو خارج العراق...
الدنيا هدوء...هدوء كأنه يستهزيء ويقول...سوف تفتقدوني..
عندي قلق وانزعاج من تغير برنامج الحياة اليومية...لا مدارس , لا عمل , لا خروج من البيت.
هل سأكون بمزاج يسمح لي بقراءة كتاب؟ أو محاضرة من معهد الكومبيوتر؟
حلمت قبل أيام أنني أقف في حديقة كبيرة خضراء...ووسط الحديقة بيت, ويوجد سور للحديقة, مكسور من مكان
ما...فدخلت منه افعى طويلة صفراء...ثم التفت حول البيت وهرب الناس, ونزل من بطن الأفعى حيات صغيرات
اختبأت خلف الأشجار.
وفوق البيت ثمة خزانات تفور وتسكب الماء على رؤوسنا ,,ويوجد رجال يجاهدون لتغطية الخزانات وعدم نزول
شيء منها
ثم رأيت أننا نسكن في بيت آمن , والباب مفتوح على الشارع...وجاء كلب أسود يلهث , والزبد يخرج من جانبي
فمه...وكأنه يلفظ أنفاسه...حزنت عليه وسألت ما به ؟ فقالوا شيئا عن أولاده ...لم أفهم بالضبط , ربما
قالوا أخذوا منه أولاده...
جارتي تقول إن هذا الذي رأيته هوصدام وهذه نهايته...
وتذكرت أبي يقول ...الذي يستلم كرسي الحكم بالدم, لايتنازل عنه الا بالدم ...
انكمش قلبي من الخوف مما سيأتي....رؤية الأفعى في المنام يعني عدو...ودخولها الى الحديقة والبيت يعني
سيتم غزو العراق...
صباح الخميس 20/3/003
بدأت صفارة الإنذار, وبدأت الغارة الأولى...بعد صلاة الفجر.
نزلت الى الطابق السفلي بسرعة, وكل العائلة مستيقظة , عملت الفطور..واستمتعنا بتناوله سوية...تحدثنا
في مواضيع مختلفة وضحكنا...تابعنا البث على الفضائيات...بث حي ومباشرمن بغداد...العالم كله يرى ما
يحدث....(عندنا ستلايت )
القصف بعيد ولا خطر علينا . الأيام القادمة ربما سيكون القصف أقرب ...
كان وقت الغارة قصيرا...ثم ساد الهدوء...
الأخبار تقول إنه البداية وستأتي الضربة الكبيرة لاحقا....
مساء الخميس
القصف عاد حوالي التاسعة ليلا.....
استمر لمدة ساعة أو أكثر...صوت صواريخ تسقط ومقاومة أرضية ترد عليها...
معدتي تتقلص من الإزعاج...وسيطرت علي كآبة...
كم يوما سنظل محبوسين هكذا...بلا حياة أو عمل أو إنتاج ؟
إنها طريقة سخيفة لحل المشاكل...هذه الحروب.
متى سينتهي هذا الفيلم السخيف وتعود الحياة طبيعية...فيها حركة ونشاط وعمل ؟
صباح السبت 22/3/003
كانت ليلة أمس كارثية...
أصوات الإنفجارات تهز البيوت وتكسر نوافذ الشبابيك, قصف بالصواريخ...
الآن ..بدأت الحرب تظهر بوجهها القبيح...
كانت لحظات رعب حقيقية, وكنت أغطي وجهي وأصلي في قلبي وأقرأ آيات من القران...
وكنت سأموت من الرعب..
الغرفة تهتز...والستائر تتطاير من أمام النافذة المفتوحة بعد كل صاروخ ينزل... وبين الواحد والآخر
ثواني معدودة..
أخذت حبة فاليوم..وأحسست بنعاس شديد, وحين ابتعد القصف عن بيتنا , ذهب عزام ليعمل العشاء...أنا رفضت
الخروج من الغرفة.
كل العائلة تنام في غرفة واحدة....في الجزء العميق من البيت , البعيد عن الشارع...أسميناها الغرفة
كل العوائل عملوا نفس الخطوة...ينامون في أكثر الغرف آمانا في البيت.
تعشيت في نفس الغرفة ونمت على الأرض دون أن أغسل يدي أو فمي....
صحوت مع أذان الفجر...ما زال صوت إنفجارت بعيدة, والمكبرات فيها نداء الله أكبر...الله أكبر.
أعطتني شعورا بالأمان..توضأت وصليت..ثم عادت صافرة الإنذارتعلن بداية غارة جديدة...لكني كنت متعبة
جدا..فغرقت في النوم...وكل من في الغرفة يغط في نوم عميق....

في الصباح جاءت مكالمات كثيرة من الأصدقاء والأقارب...الحمد لله على السلامة..الحمد لله على السلامة .
انتشرت الأخبار ان القصف كان في منطقتنا ليلة أمس ...
صباح الأحد 23/3/003
كان القصف مساء أمس بعيدا بالطائرات...
بقيت قلقة أتوقع قدوم الطائرات حتى العاشرة..الدنيا هدوء...ما أجمل الحياة بدون قصف.
في الليل أصوات انفجارات بعيدة...

قضيت النهار بالطبخ وغسيل الصحون والأعمال المنزلية الغبية...لا بد منها في وقت الشدة, فهي تذهب الملل
والكسل والتفكير والقلق...
بعد الغداء زرت الجيران وشربت الشاي...
مساء الأحد
أخذت حبة فاليوم حوالي التاسعة عساني أنام...
تعشيت ونمت بعد العاشرة والنصف, صحوت في الواحدة على صوت إنفجار عظيم وقريب ...ربما في المطار..قصف من
الطائرات .
الأرض تهتز كأنها زلزال..وكأن شيئا يحفر الأرض عميقا ..تسقط صواريخ مزدوجة واحد تلو الآخر من
الطائرة..ثم تبتعد ويسود سكون...
صوت قصف في مكان أبعد , ثم يعود الينا...يتكرر الصوت القوي المؤذي ..وترتج الأرض , ويسود سكون..
هكذا استمر الحال حتى الصباح ., أنام وأصحو على شدة الصوت... ثم أعود لأنام..
صباح الأثنين 24/3/003
وجهي شاحب من قلة النوم...لا في النهار ولا في الليل...
أصوات قصف متقطع بعيد طوال النهار...حول أطراف بغداد..يقولون هذا تمهيد لدخول بغداد..
أمس عرضوا صور الأسرى الأمريكيين على التلفزيون, لا أحب رؤية هذه المشاهد...
الأحوال تزداد سوءا...معارك في الجنوب لإقتحام المدن العراقية...ومقاومة عراقية شديدة...ومؤتمرات
انطفأت الكهرباء.لعدة ساعات ثم عادت.....الجو غائم وبارد وكئيب...لا مزاج عندي لعمل أي شيء..نعسانة
وتعبانه..وأحلم بنهاية لكل هذا الكابوس ...
متى سيحدث هذا ؟؟؟
عندي فائض من الوقت , كنت أتمنى لوعندي مثله في حياتي اليومية العادية...لكنه فائض غير مرغوب به..فهو
كئيب سخيف محبط , وفيه أصوات قصف وصفارات إنذار...
لا يعجبني .....
الثلاثاء 25/3/003
كان قصف الليلة الماضية قصير الوقت لكنه كثيف..قليل منه كان قريبا , معظمه كان بعيدا...
البعيد , عزام يقول إنه ضد مواقع تمركز الجيش العراقي...أحزن من أجل اولئك الذين في الجيش...لا معدات
عسكرية حديثة .ولا تموين كافي ولا خطط جيدة ربما...لا مجال للمقارنة بين هذا الجيش البائس
المحطم...وبين جيش مهاجم يملك كل التكنولوجيا الحديثة ويجربها علينا , ويستعرضها أمام العالم...
صحوت في السادسة صباحا...نمت نوما عميقا . القصف توقف منذ الواحدة ليلا من سوء الأحوال الجوية...
في ظلام اليل وسكونه...وهدير الطائرة فقط يسمع..فكرت مع نفسي : هذا قائد الطائرة , الم يجد مهنة غير
هذه ؟؟
هل انسدت عليه أبواب الرزق فلم يجد سوى هذه المهنة الشريرة؟؟
ابتسمت مع نفسي , وأختبأت تحت الغطاء...وسمعت ألف جواب ..فهو في نظر دولته ومواطنيه , بطل قومي...وفي
نظرنا..مجرم شرير...
الجو غائم وفيه غبار ورياح سريعة..اليوم هدوء ولا قصف من الجو..
بعد الظهر...صار الغبار كثير وخانق, لون السماء برتقالي وأحمر وغبار كثير...
القصف في الليل قليل , لكن الغبار خانق داخل البيت وخارجه...لا نقدر أن نغلق النوافذ خوف تكسرها من
سعادة لا توصف...

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